Rolling Shutter

MS Rolling Shutter

Rolling Shutter (IDM-RSGI)

Identimatic Rolling Shutters are durable, elegant, and safe entrance solutions, widely used for internal and external industrial applications. Fabricated using hot-dipped interlocked galvanized steel lath sections conforming to BIS directive IS 6248, they are available in both mechanical and electrically operated versions.


Robust construction: CE certified, built in conformity with Bureau of Indian Standards Directive IS 6248.
Durable operation: High quality, European and PRC make direct and indirect drive units available for motorized shutter operation.
Anti-crash protection system: Enhanced safety features for external zone monitoring and closing zone monitoring optional.
Convenient operation: SS control panel with deadman control operation with additional operating options upon request.
Adverse weather protection: Premium quality cold-rolled interlocked laths to offer protection against strong wind loads of upto 120 km/hr.
Heavy-duty guide rail system: Specially engineered guide rail system for self-supporting construction, low noise operation and easy installation.
Exemplary aesthetics: Available in a range of finishing options, along with stylish guard covers for operator and roller spindle.
High level of customization:Design provision as per bespoke client requirements including provision of wicket door, grills, etc.

Parameters Description
Application Internal / External
Operation Manual / Motorized
Max Width, mm 12000
Max Height, mm 10000
Surface Material Galvanized Iron
Thickness, mm 1.0 - 1.2
Profile Weight, kg/mm2 13-15 (approx.)
Curtain Type Single-skinned
Structural Shape Curved - Flat
Wind Load Class 2 (upto 120 km/hr)
Bottom Profile
Material Mild Steel - Aluminum
Insulation All-weather EPDM seal
Guide Rails
Material Mild Steel
Thickness, mm 3
Certification CE
Protection Rating IP 54
Voltage, V 220 / 380
Lifting Force, Kg 400 - 1500
Rated Power, W 200 - 800
Output Torque, Nm 280 - 1220
Emergency Operation Manually by chain
Accessories & Finish
Hood Cover & Motor Cover Galvanised Iron
Primer (Epoxy grey) Guides, bottom & cover
Paint Epoxy/PU/Powder Coating