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If you expect the industrial doors of your facility to operate - open & close hundred times in heavy traffic, in hard & variable whether conditions, minimizing waste of time & air flow, allowing your place to be more hygienic, minimizing visual & noise pollution, then only choose TOSHI folding type high speed doors. Designed to keep the wind resistance at bay, the housing structure made of galvanized steel, is compatible with any automation systems based on the traffic flow. These doors out-beat other heavy bulky door systems with fast & strong structure.

Our folding doors are used in manufacturing plants, aircraft hangers, dockyards and recycling facilities due to their high performance suitable for any industrial environment.The door automatically opens and closes by button control. Our folding hanger doors consist of double-wall canvas and provides high wind resistance with the strengthened housing structure. Door pole rails guide up and down the door housing and minimize the air flow into usage area by special extrusion aluminum. One of the most typical features of the door system is that it requires minimum space in the installation area, and it offers the opportunity of ease of installation and mounting with ready and uncomplicated mounting structure. With wireless detectors, the control panel is IP 65 compliant.

They are ideal for entrances with space limitations, for corridor separation or where opening needs to be wider. The horizontal folding motion of high-speed folding doors ensures that the entire vertical clearance is achieved Immediately. Our doors open at high speed and are capable of withstanding extreme loads. They protect against noise and droughts, save energy and offer impressive heat & sound insulation characteristics. These doors, used predominantly as external doors, are a component of modern industrial architecture. They come along with features of standard detectors, contact edge and light barriers with approach area monitoring. Thanks to the exceptional versatility in individual design, our high-speed folding door can be adapted perfectly to any facade.