Dock Leveler

Dock Leveler & Shelter

Hydraulic Dock Leveler (IDM-DLPB)

Identimatic Pit Based Series Hydraulic Dock Levelers enable smooth loading and unloading of material by acting as a bridge between the trailer bed and loading platform to compensate for the height differential. They are designed keeping in mind the safety, convenience and efficiency of the user. Recessed into a pit at the loading dock, their durable construction is in conformity with European Directive EN 1398.


Robust construction: CE certified, built-in conformity with European Directive EN 1398.
Reliable hydraulic operator: CE certified electro-hydraulic operator with IP 54 ingress protection.
Make-in-India Control Panel: Dock-o-matic control unit with deadman control and emergency stop.
Self-cleaning hinge design: Lip hinges built to reduce the deposition of debris and dust for perfect alignment and resistance.
Anti-slip protection: Durbar style diamond-patterned high-grade steel with 2 mm height for main platform and hinged lip.
Foot safety mechanism: Fixed side panels offered as standard to prevent foot injury for docking bay personnel.
Safety signaling markers: Yellow-black stripes under the leveler rim to provide clear visibility during operation.
Safety strut system:. Maintenance support system for cleanout and inspection to enable easy resting of dock bed during servicing.
Platform width adjustment system: Optional self-breakable side flaps to accommodate narrow truck beds.