Automatic Garage Doors

Automatic Garage Doors

Automatic Garage Doors

The garage door is a perfect solution if you looking for safe and comfortable door operation. Toshi Automatic Systems offers a high-quality product, ensures the satisfaction of product and service.Sectional garage doors should be first of all functional. They should protect your home, be safe and easy to operate and occupy minimum space inside your garage during the opening. Their aesthetics are also very important their appearance should correspond to the building’s architectural style.TOSHI offers modern sectional garage doors, which possess all the above-mentioned advantages.

Sectional doors open smoothly and noiselessly, they do not need extra space in front of the garage and are compactly located inside. A variety of construction options and the possibility to manufacture doors with width up to 6 m and height up to 4,5 m offer an ideal selection choice for practically any opening.

ENERGY-SAVING DOORS:-Conducted by the Building Physics Institute, tests proved the highest energy-saving characteristics of Toshi Garage doors. These doors ensure heat inside the premise in the cold season and they keep comfortable temperature when it is hot outside.

SERVICEABILITY AND COMFORT:-Toshi garage doors are provided with remote control. You can open or close your garage just pushing the key and staying in your car. You are always protected against wind, rain, and snow.

INDIVIDUAL APPEARANCE OF YOU GARAGE:-Due to many design options, offered by the Toshi company, you will find the most suitable garage design for your house. A wide color box and wide range of accessories enable the unique appearance of your door.SPACE SAVING Having installed the Toshi garage doors you get more space for parking maneuvering because while opening the door moves up to the ceiling.

RELIABILITY AND DURABILITY:-Toshi many years’ experience ensure the reliability of the products, designed and produced in compliance with current standards and state-of-the-art technology.

YOUR SAFETY:-The Toshi garage doors are equipped with a multistage safety system to increase protection of your garage against breaking-in and to prevent the door leaf collapse.

THE SHORTEST ORDER TIME:-Specialists of the Toshi company do their best at all stages of work: from order processing to after-sale servicing. As a result, the doors are installed in the shortest possible time and can serve for many years.The design of the garage doors is adopted to meet climatic conditions, that is why they do not freeze in the cold season and can keep the garage microclimate.The main function of the sectional doors is protective (protection against dust, noise, and draughts). To provide proper insulation of your garage a multi-chamber contour system is positioned along the door leaf perimeter.

SMOOTH SURFACE:-Smooth panel doors look especially elegant and appealing.