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Toshi Automatic Systems Pvt. Ltd.

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We, at Toshi Automatic Systems Pvt Ltd (TASPL), have grown to emerge as thought leaders and innovators in Commercial, Industrial, Secured and Hygiene Automation Solutions. In addition, we are also being recognised as front runners for our growing expertise in the Mass Transit/ Mobility domain, with applications expanding from hospitals, chemical plants, petroleum plants, power generation sites, car and lorry parks, theme parks, hotels, caravan parks, shopping centres, retail parks, manufacturing facilities to BRTS, Metro and Airport Systems

Over the past 26 years, TASPL has evolved from a household operation to a nationally recognised brand name. However, as we continue to evolve in a dynamic market to place the needs of our clients at the forefront of our purpose, we are committing ourselves to the highest standards of service through a platform built on better QSP - Quality, Service and Price.

We, at Toshi Automatic Systems, operate from one of the most modern design and manufacturing facilities in the business and employ a team of highly skilled engineers. Moreover, being placed well geographically, helps meet the needs of our wide customer base across the country. In addition, our detailed feasibility survey, comprehensive specification and quotation, ensures that we can meet your requirements on time and within your budget.

With our focus on innovation and customer centricity, we aim to deliver best-in-class end-to-end automation solutions to industrial, commercial, institutional, pharmaceutical, public & private clients. To initiate this transition of placing our company on a platform built on better QSP (Quality, Service & Price) , we will deliver our best and fulfil our motive of "Service - Our First Attitude" .


Managing Director Desk

For the past 26 years, Toshi Automatic Systems Pvt Ltd (TASPL) has grown and evolved from a household operation to a nationally recognized brand name. What once started as a nascent idea envisioned by my father and father-in-law, Toshi has now become synonymous with customer-centric innovation and trusted quality in the automation industry.

Positioned on a robust platform of strong values that promote ethical working practices and fulfilment for employees and clients alike, TASPL stands strong on three unwavering pillars – Quality, Service and Price. Our commitment to connect our clients with best-in-class automation products and provide hassle-free services at highly competitive prices has become the north star that is guiding us in our day to day activities. Moreover, now with the ever-dynamic economic and geo-political environment, Toshi has solidified its resolve to be close to its roots and adopt the ’Make In India’ business model – a step that markedly distinguishes us from our competitors.

TASPL has grown 5 business verticals ranging from Commercial, Industrial, Secured and Hygiene Automation Solutions to the newest addition in the Mass Transit/ Mobility domain. While we continue to develop and expand our existing sectoral product range, our ongoing focus is on building 100% Make In India AFCS Machines/ PSD Doors for Metro/ high speed Railways, etc. and making E-boarding Gates/ Border Control for airport application.

Sanjeev Sachdev

Managing Director
Toshi Automatic Systems Pvt. Ltd.