A complete range of Entrance and Loading Bay Automation products and solutions for Industry, Public Safety and Mass Transit applications.

A comprehensive portfolio of Hygiene Automation products and solutions.

Why choose Us.

Since 1992, Toshi Automatic, have grown to emerge as thought leaders and innovators in Industrial, Public Safety, Mass Transit and Hygiene Automation Solutions.

Our Mission.

To empower every business owner with automation that maximizes user safety, efficiency and convenience.

What we Do.

With our focus on innovation and customer centricity, we aim to deliver best-in-class end-to-end automation solutions to industrial, commercial, institutional, pharmaceutical, public & private clients

Our Brands

IdentiMatic HygieniCARE

We here at Toshi Automatic offers wide range of Industrial Automation Products, Public Safety Automation Products, Hygiene Automation Products, Mass Transit Automation Solutions

Entrance Automation Industrial

Industrial Entrance Automation
With 29+ years of experience in designing, manufacturing, supplying and commissioning, ToshiAutomatic's Identimatic brings with it unparalleled knowledge and infrastructure for the industrial automation sector where safety, efficiency and security are paramount. Our wide range of entrance and loading bay solutions are manufactured in compliance with international standards to adequately meet the quality standards of industrial sector clients.

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Secured Entrance Automation

Public Safety Automation
With security and access regulation becoming a norm across sectors, ToshiAutomatic's Identimatic brings to the market a leading range of products and solutions that enforce safety of both life and premise. We offer a complete range of Physical Access Systems like flap and swing barriers, turnstiles, speed gates, as well as Perimeter Access Systems like anti-terror bollards, tyre killers and road blockers.

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Mass Transit Solutions

Mass Transit Solutions
BRTS, Airport, Metro, Railway SystemsToshiAutomatic's IdentiMatic growing expertise in the field of mobility and mass transit automation solutions from its experience in successfully completing and commissioning BRTS and Airport transit projects. With solutions such as platform screen doors, automatic fare collection machines and ticket vending machines, we provide a niche product that is fully customizable to meet the changing demands of today’s public transportation infrastructure.

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Hygiene Automation

Hygiene Automation
Industrial & Commercial SectorToshiAutomatic's HygieniCARE range of hygiene products is selectively chosen with an eye for both aesthetic quality and utility. When it comes to hygiene automation, our priority is high performance, fashionable design – sustainable and germ free operation.

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