MS Rolling Shutter

MS Rolling Shutter

MS / GI Rolling Shutter

TOSHI offers a wide range of Rolling Shutters - including light duty, heavy duty & fire rated shutters. Pioneering the rolling shutters industry for over 27 years TOSHI accommodates requirements from cost-effective security solutions of shutter doors to industrial rolling shutter systems. We offer motor & manually operated rolling shutters with a wide choice of materials committed to providing quality products and services.


TOSHI MS/GI, ALUMINIUM, GALVALUME, ZINCALUM Shutter Curtain: Available with Zincalume & Galvanised Steel or Extruded Aluminium Single or Double-walled design to suit. Guide Rail: Available with Zincalume & Galvanised Steel or Extruded Aluminium with wind lock groove design ready. Bottom Bar: Available with Galvanised Steel or Extruded Aluminium inverted T-Shape or extruded box section. Shutter Enclosure Box: Heavy-duty 7 to 12mm steel plate for both ends and supports with steel section frame with very well primer one cost. box covers shall be of 0.8mm steel sheets with BHP zinc-alume finishing. Motor Drive unit: Standard Features Power Source - 230v 50Hz single or three-phase, Insulation Class E, Manual chain or crank override, One unit push button switch. Optional Features: Powder Coated wood effect on the shutter’s curtain surface. Air pressure safety bottom sensor. Extra upper limit safety switch. Steel wind locks both ends. Wireless remote control. Stainless steel guides. Guide silencer strips.

MS/GI rolling shutters are designed & built to suit the customer's requirements with high security & aesthetics. Additional stiffness allows these shutters to withstand any security breach.Highly secured and durable rolling shutter are available with the top cover (0.7mm), made from strips (1.0mm) with interlocking lath sections, complete with side guides bottom, brackets made from Ms sheet with strong suspension shaft and fitting accessories In Best Workmanship. These reliable shutters are available in both MS and GI.

Aluminum rolling shutters made up of extruded aluminum profiles which provide durability, effeciency and high functionality with additional features of the lightweight.Due to the property of being corrosion resistant, the shutters can be used in harsh and bead external atmosphere conditions. Double-walled aluminum profiles provide protective insulation from sound as well as they sustain high tensile strength. Specially extruded aluminum side guide ensures silent operations. A special rubber profile at the bottom bar provides excellent sealing features at the time of closure.

Galvalume Rolling shutters are made up of special coating of aluminum-zinc alloy which provides excellent protection from corrosion and any security breach.Due to its versatility, aesthetics and high strength ideally these shutters are suited for industrial applications. The most economical and cost effective shutters, with heavy-duty profiles, are designed to provide maximum security to your establishments.

  • Easter movement of traffic
  • Easy to use
  • Noise-free movement
  • Long-lasting
  • No damages/no accidents
  • High-speed opening & closing
  • User-friendly interface
  • Tubular seal
  • Bend-resistant MS profile
Body Plastic Female Box with four screws in front SS Plate.
Power 220V AC/ 50Hz
Water Pressure 0.05mpa-0.6mpa
Volume of water per cycle 0.16-0.30ltr
Dimensions Female Box: L-100mm, W-100mm D-75mm, 220V AC / 50Hz, Front Plate: L-125mm, W-125mm  Sensor: L-20mm,W-40mm
Packing Weight 0.71 Kg
Sensor Range 70cm (+- 15%)