Auto Tap (T-1007)

Auto Taps (T-1007)

Auto Tap (T-1007)

Pioneering the introduction of battery-operated sensor taps in India back in 1992, Toshi’s sensor tap range has been widely accepted as a smart, sustainable and durable solution for modern-day washrooms. Their solid yet stylish construction makes them suitable for all kinds of sites and provides a low-maintenance solution that is energy efficient and suitable for green buildings.


Sleek and Elegant Wall Mounted Auto Tap, Battery Powered, Simple and Easy Installation.

  • Power supply : dc 6V (DC 6V battery)
  • Out of the water pipe diameter : (DN15) G1 / 2 "
  • Water pressure : 0.1MPa - 0.6MPa
  • Use of ambient temperature : 1 ? -55 ?
  • humidity: <95%
  • Executive Standard : IP56
  • Static power consumption : <0.5mW (dc)
  • Sensing range:26cm (± 15%)(standard board 29.7cm × 29.7cm)